two passports please!

Växjö, Sweden.

This blogentry will be in english, is honour of Unns favorite Oregon-couple Doug and Roen.

I've been a bit nervous about my passport(s). Not beeing certain about for how long my swedish passport was valid I finally got my act together and checked this. Fortunately I've got until 4th november 2010 before I have to get back home and renew it. ;-) So no hurry then.
But what's really great is that I also checked my Swiss passport (double nationalities indeed!). To see if I might be able to use it as a backup at least for the first coulpe of months. But discovered that I'll be able to travel the world Swiss-style until 13th june 2009. Our trip is from 3rd september through next spring. We'll definately be back by june. So that's great! Two valid passports. Awesome!

Postat av: Doug Eaton

Yay Unn and Sigrid! Love your blog and what is to come as you get ready for the trip of a lifetime. Do write a few in english for us yanks! Glad your passports will see ya through.

Roen and I got home late last night from our Scandinavian adventure. The best part was seeing my old pals and meeting their families. It was so cool hanging out with you Unn. Thanks again for the yummy cakes and great conversation.

Good to be home and better to have all the memories of our wonderful trip and friends.

Love and cheers!


2008-08-22 @ 18:04:03

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